Take Action against the Agribusiness Lobby!
No to the Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA)!


On 15 March in Brussels, pesticide multinational Syngenta, landowner lobby ELO, and a number of agribusiness players (Cargill, Nestlé, Pepsico, John Deere, etc.) are organising the Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA).
Farmers and their supporters oppose the staging of a greenwashing event to strengthen the influence of the chemical and agrifood industry in the design of public policies.
Take Action against the Agribusiness Lobby! Join us at the Mont des Arts on 15 March!


As is the case every year, the FFA is a prime opportunity for agribusiness to push its false solutions (digitalisation of agriculture, pesticides, new GMOs, financialisation of agriculture, carbon markets, etc.), to bolster its position in the food system and to enhance its political influence.

Anti-democratic manoeuvring


We condemn the anti-democratic manoeuvring of agribusiness to impose its agenda and its products. These tactics undermine the efforts of social movements and civil society to bring about a truly democratic and inclusive governance of food systems and the realisation of human rights.



It is also regrettable that environmental NGOs, such as WWF and The Nature Conservancy, are participating in this event. They give agribusiness corporations a free pass to claim to be responsive to environmental issues, while they plunder nature and destroy our farms.

Political agenda

This edition of the FFA comes at the right time for the agrochemical industry.

We cannot stand by and watch European politicians cosying up to Syngenta and its corporate cronies when it should be preparing a fair and ambitious policy to reduce pesticides – a policy that we are all crying out for.



A coalition of organizations is calling to mobilize against the FFA. There are several ways to make your voice heard:

  • Gathering: A gathering is organized from 12:30 to 13:30, at the Mont des Arts, in front of the square. On the agenda: speeches, peasant buffet, symbolic action.
  • Participate in the Forum: Registration is open. You can participate and observe from the inside a great mass of lobbying and greenwashing. But you can also ask questions and why not, confront those responsible with their inconsistencies.